Data Analysis

This folder is for data analysis released during the COVID crisis.  Regular update is neither promised nor guaranteed.  The reports are based on the analysis of Statistics Canada which remains responsible for all data and its documentation.  This is a hobby activity for JCI and receives no financial support from others.  Therfore, detailed support will not be provided.  Chart ideas are always gratefully received. If such ideas are interesting, they might even be developed

These charts show the percentage change by gender of reference week hours for selected months.

GDP by Industry - through 2020-03

We have to view this release in the context of a slowing economy. Trade volumes have been declining for over a year. Wholesale hours to decline well before the true horror of COVID hit. Retail has been roughly flat for some months. We also had permanent auto shutdowns in December, a rail strike, as well as oil problems.  The list goes on. 
COVID shutdowns were the key factor in service declines for sectors like health-care offices, retail  and accommodation and food. For obvious reasons, the latter  was added to my charts. Note the second chart (p4)particularly showing its contribution to aggregate change. 
In March, the sector contributed -1.8 percentage points to the -6.7 hit on GDP.  Retail' share was -.5 points and accomodation contributed -.8.  Services contributed 4 times as much to the decline but goods still dropped.
We  have a flash estimate for an April decline of -11%   Lots more negatives to come as sectors are shut down..

Showing median wage rates for 2020-04, 2020-02 and 2019-04